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Allegiant Land is a thriving land service company serving all energy sectors since 2016. 

Based in rural Oklahoma, Allegiant serves numerous clients across the country in all forms of energy. 

With more than 50 agents on staff, Allegiant continues to grow by more than 20% each year. 

We are focused on growing our team with like-minds and continuing to build on our legacy of success! 

Fun Fact: Allegiant has aided in developing 19% of ALL Operational Wind Megawatts in the state of Oklahoma in less than 8 years!

What is a Leasing Agent?

A Leasing Agent or Landman is the public facing side of an oil, gas, mineral, wind, solar or any form of energy development. 

They are generally the industry’s contact with the public as they research courthouse records to determine ownership, prepare necessary reports, and locate mineral and landowners. They negotiate leases and various other agreements, obtain necessary curative documents and before construction of any project. 

What does an Agent do?

Find the Owner 

Run the Title 

Negotiate with Owners

Whether it is mineral or land owners, an agents first step is identifying who might own the interest and locating a working number for the owner. 

While we usually have dedicated title agents, all land agents are taught how to appropriately "run" title, which simply means locating the filed records at the courthouse to show who is the rightful owner. 

Perhaps the most fun part of the job is the one-on-one interaction with the owners. The only effective method of leasing is in-person. We sit at their kitchen tables, work offices, and even buddy seats of a tractor to visit with the owner about the opportunity. 

Once they are comfortable, you will see them through executing their documents and returning the executables to the client.

Why we love teaming with Ag Folks 

One of the largest hurdles of land work is relating to the owner and discovering what their concerns are and how we can find middle ground. 

Who better to talk to a farmer than a farmer? 

Owners, Brady and Destinee Weeks, own and operate a family farm in NW Oklahoma. They learned early on in their careers (100 years ago) that their ag backgrounds afforded them a relatability with owners. They have since worked diligently to grow a team of like-minds.

76% of Allegiant agents are landowners themselves. 

What does a typical work week look like?

Micromanagement? NEVER. 

As mentioned above, the only effective method of leasing is in-person. On average our agents spend 2-3 days/week in the field directly negotiating easements with owners. The other days are spent in their home office updating notes, scheduling appointments, and kicking....butt. 

There is no 8-5 desk clock. Your 24 hours are yours to use as you see fit. So long as you are being honest, productive, meeting with owners and signing easements, your manager--and more importantly--our client is happy. 

Another reason this job marries so perfectly with the agriculture lifestyle. 

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